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    CA - Mondez Denmon, 34, asphyxiated at San Joaquin County jail, 5 Sept 2003

    The Goddess of Justice has been holding her nose since Friday, when a jury found former jailer Greg Fuher not guilty in the 2003 death of inmate Mondez Denmon.

    Fuher helped kill Denmon during a jail fight on Sept. 5 of '03. Nobody disputes that. A jury simply found it was no crime, given the dicey circumstances.

    The circumstances were that Denmon was a violent man who got violent with jailers. He defied an order to move. He was then stomped to death by a officer . Even after being ordered to stop by a seargent and choosing to ignore the order and keep stomping . The result of such being death.
    Wait it gets better .... and then being found NOT GUILTY!!!! I am furious... ! What is wrong with our system ?


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    Wow, that is a surprising verdict given that his own colleagues were witnesses against his actions. What kind of message does that send out-if you wear a badge you get a get out of jail free card.

    A sworn officer is duty bound to uphold the law but it doesn't mean that sworn officers do not commit crimes, there are plenty of former officers in jails and prisons to support this. I wonder if it's just due to them trying to convict for murder instead of something like involuntary manslaughter and the jury just had reasonable doubt.

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    I don't know if the verdict would of been any different. I understand that they have to deal with some really scummy people, yet they are held to a higher standard. Seems to me Murder is the proper charge beings that he ignored orders from his seargeant to stop and also ignored the Psych tech whom instructed him 3 times to turn him over on his back, he continued to stomp him , acting like a mad animal according to others who was there. All the while repeatedly telling him he would f*%@king kill him, which he in fact did do. Any other person would of been charged and convicted of murder. Sounds like another cop on a power trip ?
    They should definitly invest in some restraints that actually restrain, beings he is not the first to break thru them. I read where that is not uncommon and happens frequently.

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