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    DNA is in FBI's system


    "I meet Michael Tracey in a place he refers to as his 'downtown office' - a bar called the Hungry Toad, which is owned by a Brit and is the only place in Boulder where you can buy a pint of bitter.... He arrives with a manila envelope and tells me knowingly that he feels very close to solving the case. He can't say why, but he tells me that the DNA from JonBenet's underpants has now been tested accurately enough to be logged in the FBI system. Which means that anyone in any part of the country who has committed any crime for which a DNA sample is taken will automatically be cross-checked. Any day now, the FBI may find a match...."
    "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." ~Benjamin Franklin

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    From the article - He is currently researching and writing two books dealing with aspects of what he terms 'the injustice of the American justice system.'"

    So much for the contention that he wasn't writing a book but was only following the direction of Smit and the DA.

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    Does anyone think Tracey is your typical alkie college professor?

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