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    MO - 5 Year Old Girl Rescued After Being Tossed in Lake

    5-year-old rescued after being tossed into Springfield, Mo., lake
    By Marcus Kabel

    SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (AP) -- Investigators called off the search for a body in a lake north of Springfield on Wednesday after determining that a 5-year-old girl who was rescued after being thrown in was the only victim.

    Greene County sheriff's department Capt. Jim Barber told reporters that detectives and fire department divers had discovered that no one else was in the water. The girl, whose name was not immediately released, told investigators that her assailant had told her before throwing her in that her mother was dead and in the water.

    But sheriff's department investigators found the mother and reunited her with the girl, who was in a Springfield hospital.

    Investigators are looking for a suspect described as a white male about 5-foot-10, who they believe took the girl sometime overnight while she was being watched by a baby sitter and threw her in McDaniel Lake.

    More at link:


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    Those fisherman are hero's! Thank God that they were there.
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    This is scary. Had the babysitter not missed her? Also, what did the man do with her all night? I am so glad she is safe and with her mother again, poor thing.

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    Sounds like it could either be ex or maybe a boyfriend or wanna be boyfriend trying to get even. Maybe not, but the police's comments sort of made me think it wasn't random. I hope if it's a person they know, it's not her biological father - I'd like to think she's loved by both parents.

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