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    Quote Originally Posted by Intheamadhouse View Post
    Any of the above except 6 and 8.*snip*
    So, which one: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 7?

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    Quote Originally Posted by icedtea4me View Post
    If you're a BDI, which one of these reasons would you choose for Burke striking JonBenet on the head on Christmas night?

    1. She took a piece of his pineapple.
    2. She wouldn't give him a piece of her candy.
    3. She saw him opening presents in wine cellar.
    4. She wrecked one of his Lego structures.
    5. He was jealous and angry she got a bike.
    6. He was sexually molesting her in his bed.
    7. She was bothering him when he was playing Nintendo.
    8. He wanted to try out the knots in his new book.
    Good post, it illustrates the irony in a way, because almost all of these "offenses" (1-5 and 7) would warrant punches and wrestling moves before anything. They wouldn't lead to murder, as they are beyond common among siblings.

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    I don't know which one, or if it was if the problem was some other silly sibling spat. If I had to guess, I would say it revolved around his brand new stuff since that would have been the most special to him.

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    Have any of the children that had any close relationship with JonBenèt or Burke during their childhood upto and around the time of JonBenèt's murder ever been interviewed by the press? Has there ever been any attempt?

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