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    Canada - One dead, 19 injured in shooting at Dawson College, 13 Sept 2006


    At Dawson College...

    Police are on the scene of a shooting at a Montreal college, where at least four people have reportedly been injured, two critically.

    Emergency officials help an injured woman outside Dawson College in downtown Montreal. (CBC)
    Students at Dawson College told reporters they heard several shots in the building at around lunchtime.

    Eyewitnesses say they saw a tall skinny man, wearing a black trenchcoat and a mohawk haircut, walk into the cafeteria carrying a large gun. He apparently fired several shots.

    Student Michel Boyer sought shelter behind a reception desk after seeing a gunman and fleeing from the vicinity of the shootings.

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    Several shot at Canadian college

    Several shot at Canadian college

    There were scenes of panic

    Several people have been injured in a shooting at a college in the Canadian city of Montreal, reports say.

    Details on the incident at Dawson College are still sketchy, but a local hospital said 12 had been admitted and at least six were critical.

    Eyewitnesses said a gunman dressed in military fatigues had entered the cafeteria at lunchtime.

    Some reports said two attackers were dead. The number of gunmen in the incident is not yet clear.

    TV footage showed students fleeing the campus and stretchers with casualties.

    Eyewitnesses spoke of blood on the steps of the building, which houses 10,000 students. "I could see him fire several times... I ran into a classroom. It was like something from a movie," student Michel Boyer told CBC television. Professor Robert Soroka told Reuters news agency the shooting began at 1245 (1645 GMT), and said he heard about 20 shots fired over 30 minutes.

    MORE AT LINK......


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    4 dead and 16 hurt, depending on what news station your watching or listening to.
    2 shooters dead..
    The Le not sure if more then 2 were involved.


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    I am listening to the reports on news now & so far they say 4 dead and 16 injured. The reports of the wepons used seem to keep changing at tis time.

    Number of shooters is also still in question, at least 2 and maybe more.

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    Prayers for everyone involved. Just tragic.

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    Four reported dead in Montreal college shooting

    At least one gunman dressed in a black trenchcoat opened fire in a downtown Montreal college on Wednesday, and early reports said four people had died.

    Students fled in panic from the building, and eyewitnesses reported blood on its entry steps, and inside the cafeteria where many of the shots were fired.
    Hospital officials told local television stations that 12 people had been injured, and six were in critical condition.

    RDI Television quoted unofficial sources as saying that one gunman had turned his weapon on himself and committed suicide, while a second had been shot and killed by police. This could not be confirmed, and some police officers at the scene said they suspected there was only a lone gunman.

    "A suspect has been neutralized, which means he is not shooting any more," said Ian LaFreniere, a police spokesman.

    I am sure that these numbers are going to keep changing thorughout the evening.
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    Updated reports - one gunman, shot and killed by police.


    I was listening to news reports on the radio as I drove around today, heard students interviewed who were on the scene. Just frightening....

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    There is a picture of the gunman at this link:

    MONTREAL (CP) - Quebec provincial police say Dawson College killer Kimveer Gill died after shooting himself in the head.

    Spokesman Jayson Gauthier says police shot Gill in the arm before he turned his own weapon on himself and fired a bullet into his head. It was the first definitive police statement on how Gill died. Gill stormed into the college on Wednesday and began firing at people, killing one student and injuring about 20 people.

    Four people are still in critical condition in a Montreal hospital.

    The woman who died in the shooting has been identified as Anastasia DeSousa of Montreal.


    College killer was website fantasist
    A LONE gunman who went on a shooting spree at a Montreal college in which one woman died and 19 people were injured, referred to himself as the "angel of death," and said on a weblog in his name that he liked to play an internet game about the Columbine High School shootings.

    Here is where his weblog was located...This is the same website that the killers of a Medicine Hat, AB couple and their 8 year old son (who turned out to be their own 12 yr old daughter and her 23 year old boyfriend) frequented....


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