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    FL - Tinzie Lucinda Huels, 17, Hillsborough County, 27 Oct 1984

    Tinze Lucinda Huels


    Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance
    Missing Since: October 27, 1984 from Hillsborough County, Florida
    Classification: Non-Family Abduction
    Date Of Birth: April 6, 1967
    Age: 17 years old
    Height and Weight: 5'5, 140 pounds
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Brown hair, brown eyes. Huels has a circular-shaped burn scar on her left leg. She goes by her middle name, Lucinda. She may use the last name Mauldin.

    Details of Disappearance
    Huels was last seen at her home on October 27, 1984 in Hillsborough County, Florida. She was planning on driving to the laundromat at the time. She has never been heard from again. Huels's vehicle was located in a local parking lot later during the day. Two weeks later, her purse was found in the men's bathroom in a campground in Hillsborough County; only her keys were missing. There was no sign of Huels at the scene.
    Investigators believe Huels may have been murdered by the serial killer Bobby Joe Long, who is currently in prison. Long admitted to murdering ten Florida women, but he has denied any involvement in Huels's case and has never been charged in connection with it.

    Fathering Magazine published an online article regarding The National Center For Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and Huels's disappearance in 2000. The report repeated a hoax that took place in the early 1990s revolving around Huels's case. A woman from Arkansas claimed that she was Huels and that she ran away from her Florida home in 1984 to escape problems in her marriage. The story was fabricated, but several media outlets published the claims. Huels's case continues to remain open and unsolved. Some agencies state that Huels disappeared from Tampa, Florida or that she was last seen in a tavern.

    Investigating Agency

    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
    Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department

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    I don't understand how that woman could've claimed to be Huels, as she said she'd run away from her marriage in 1984...at 17, Huels wasn't married, was she? It doesn't say so...

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    updated Charley Project link:

    The current Charley Project states that:
    She married at fifteen and had two children by the time of her disappearance.

    NamUs: https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/3979/0/

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    Deputies think Huels may have been a victim of Tampa serial killer Bobby Joe Long. Long abducted, sexually assaulted, and murdered at least 10 women during an eight-month period in 1984.

    One of his victims, Lisa McVey, survived and she provided the information that helped police track him down. He's now on death row.

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    STILL MISSING: Tinze Huels went missing in 1984 at the age of 17. Officials say she left home to go to a laundromat and never returned. Her car was found abandoned in a parking lot before her purse was found at a campsite two weeks later. The only things missing were her keys.


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    A great and in-depth article.

    Searching for Lucinda


    In April 1992, they had their wife, mother, daughter, and sister back. But six months later, detectives and family members would find out the woman who had become part of the family was not, in fact, Lucinda.

    If you’re wondering how that could have happened, there are few things Lucinda’s family would tell you. They wanted her to be alive more than anything. She seemed to know a lot about the family. And she looked like Lucinda. Eerily like Lucinda. So much so that some in the family have wondered if, somehow, it was really her.

    “I remember as a kid, feeling that connection, that bond,” said Lucinda’s son Tony, Deanna’s older brother. Now 33 and living in Ohio, he was 10 when he though his mother had returned home. “I always felt it was her. Even now.”
    LaSarge remembers going through an old photo album on that first visit. The woman everyone called Lucinda seemed to have some recognition of the events and people in the photos, which LaSarge wonders about to this day: Had someone already gone through the album with her? Otherwise, how did she know?
    Stepp says there may have been a point at the beginning in which he left the room and Amanda could have looked at the case file on his desk, but he says it contained only limited information. He doesn’t understand how she seemed to know enough to convince him, Florida detectives, and the family.

    “There was no internet as we know it today. Someone would have to make lots and lots of phone calls to piece all that information together,” Stepp offered.
    On Monday, for the first time since 1992, they both heard from Amanda. In separate messages, she told them she did not want to be interviewed, but was OK with them sharing details of their conversation.

    Amanda and Tony have been communicating over Facebook messenger.

    “I asked if she was my mother. She said, ‘No.’ I asked if she knew my mother. She said, ‘No, but I wish I did,’” Tony said.

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