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    PA - Alayiah Spellman, 17 mos, beaten to death, Philadelphia, 7 Sept 2006

    This was so sickening I was not sure I even wanted to post it.
    This guys 17 month old baby pulled the cord out of his video game and he punched her in the face twice and killed her. Mom came home and thought her baby was sleeping and found her dead.


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    I don't even know what to say...........

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    I know what to say...just cant............

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    Lock him up and throw the key away.

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    Sad case.Obviously has anger issues.I'm betting this guy is a long time drug user and has a history of abuse and violence.What a low life. Lock him up for ever.

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    More on this case

    Read here

    According to the article:

    >>NBC 10 reporter Deanna Durante said a note on the door of the North Philadelphia row-home Monday night said not to judge Spellman because he would never hurt a child.<<


    Also according to the article:

    >>"His confession was she pulled the cords in the game, the system is -- the box itself -- fell, and he was upset and then responsible for paying for the game, so he hit her in her face twice," Turman said, adding that Spellman also allegedly slung the child over a chair.<<

    Oh...but he did hurt a child, he killed a child.

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    It does not happen often, but words fail me.

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    What has happened to the piece of **** that did this?

    Hopefully now he will have loads of time to get really good at his video games - in jail.

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    It almost sounds like she's sticking by him? I got involved with a man who would never hurt anyone? Why are we women like this? Not me and certainly anyone here, but why do so MANY women feel that ANY man is better then NO man? They'll take beatings, they'll allow their children to be beaten or killed and yet they stay? How much does sexualizing our kids play into it too? You're only worthy if your beautiful and sexy etc. What a screwed up world we live in.

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    Malapoo I did not get that from the article at all.

    To me it just sounded like she was shocked that someone whom she trusted did this. I did not see indication that she was defending him.
    She is 8 months pregnant she may have gone to stay with family and one of his relatives could have put the note up.
    I would almost think the stress of this would put the poor girl into labor.

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    You would be horrified at how many times the mother does stay with the abusive killer of her own children. I know I was, the Washington Post ran an indepth article on a prosecutor who specialized in child deaths.

    I can't even bear to think about how hard that fist must have hit the poor toddler.

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    I am speechless on this. I read this the other day and could not even finish the article.

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    The note must have been left by a relative of Spellman's. To me, the mother said that nothing could explain how you could kill your own child - so she's not going to stay with that man. That's how I read it.
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    Tyrone Spellman

    On 1/29/2008, Spellman was found guilty of 3rd Degree Murder and Endangering the Welfare of a Child. He is housed at SCI Rockview. His record does not state the sentence he received. Several reports I have found state that his sentence was in excess of 20 years, but that is as close as I have been able to nail it down.
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    Even 20 years isn't enough for this POS.
    Happy New Years

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