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    Girl found in closet victimized again

    ...A girl who was rescued five years ago after being locked in a filthy closet, abused and nearly starved was victimized again last year, authorities said...

    This link has pics of the abusers:

    It's bad enough it happened the first time, but unthinkable that someone would take advantage of a situation like this.

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    My heart aches for that poor girl.....I'm glad it was not her adoptive parents who did this.

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    What a sick @!#??!

    He should rot in prison and never see the light of day unless its so other prisoners can take out their aggressions on him.

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    This news makes me want to vomit. I remember when they found her in that closet and the pictures of the vermin that called themselves parents being arrested. The entire surrounding community came forward donating all sorts of things for this little girl. I cannot believe that THIS is the best that could be done for her after all she's had to endure. My heart breaks for the future.

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