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    Tale of survival for boy, 10, ripped from womb

    Tale of survival for boy, 10, ripped from womb

    Eli Evans leads normal life after savage start

    Daniel R. Patmore / AP
    Eli Evans, 10, waits for football practice to start Wednesday in Bridgeport, Ill.

    BRIDGEPORT, Ill. - Belting out operatic-sounding songs one moment and doing magic tricks the next, 10-year-old Eli Evans talks of becoming a comedian and football player no stretch for the 130-pound boy who's already an accomplished ham.

    "That's not him showing off," Sam Evans says, shaking his head as he watches his whirling grandson. "That's all the time."

    Evans can't help but be bemused by the fifth-grader, a sweet, well-adjusted poster child of survival since the savagery that surrounded his arrival.


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    What a handsome young man! I hope he knows there is alot of good folks out in the world. I hope one day I get to see him playing football in the big leagues.

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    Out of such tragic beginnings comes a great young boy. He will grow up to be a strong man .Very inspiring story.Terrible about his siblings.The purpetrators should die not be spared.IMO

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