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    WI - Donna Mraz, 23, Madison, 1 July 1982

    ...murders on the University of Wisconsin (Madison) campus...

    I was a student there when several of these tragedies occurred...

    Police still have not solved many of them...

    For background on these cases:

    On the Donna Mraz case in particular, which still haunts me...I was out near Camp Randall Stadium that night walking to my boyfriend's (now hubby) apartment, and heard screaming which I ran towards, and saw a commotion followed by an ambulance...

    More on the Donna Mraz case:

    Also, where is Leo Burt (fugitive)?


    For more on the Sterling Hall bombing which Burt was a part of, and which resulted in the death of Robert Fassnacht, an innocent married graduate student who left behind a wife and very young children at the time, see:


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    UW marks 30th anniversary of unsolved Donna Mraz murder

    On the 30th anniversary of her death Monday, University of Wisconsin police again asked the public for any information about the killing of Donna Mraz, a UW-Madison student who was stabbed to death outside Camp Randall Stadium.

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    Book excerpt about Donna's murder:


    To summarize, she got off work at the Bittersweet Restaurant on State Street about 11:30 pm, and took the bus to her apartment near Camp Randall Stadium. She was walking past the stadium when she was stabbed repeatedly, she screamed, the killer fled, no sexual assault, no robbery.

    Two other women had been attacked in the area that week. One was found beaten and raped in a parking lot behind the Shuffle Inn and the second was raped the next day in her apartment.

    Donna's body was exhumed in late 1982 in order to compare her teeth to bite marks on the arm of Lonnie Taylor, who was accused of stalking a Camp Randall woman, but no link was established.

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    I'm amazed that there were 10 rapes and/or assaults in Madison, June 6-June 27, 1982, immediately preceding the Donna Mraz murder and none of them were solved either. The article was written by Marvin Balousek. He wrote 101 Wisconsin Unsolved Mysteries.

    Madison, Wisconsin State Journal July 3, 1982



    Donna Mraz was from Delavan, Walworth County, Wisconsin.

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    There's more information on this topic in the Capital City murders thread in the Serial Killer forum.


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