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    UK - Owners leave dogs to die on hottest day

    This makes my blood boil!

    Paul Wadsworth, 33, and his wife Aisling, 32, left their two 11-stone Newfoundlands for nearly five hours in July - when temperatures outside reached 36.5C.

    When the couple returned to their Hyundai estate, they discovered one of the dogs, Harry, was bartely alive and the other, Homer, was dead.


    For 'boot', read 'trunk'. For 40C (which is what the temperture was in the boot) read 98F!

    maybe next year they could be locked in the boot for 5 hours on the hottest day of the year? i hope they are never allowed to keep pets again.

    poor Harry had to go through all that and lose his friend.

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    You have got to be kidding me!! What kind of moron, puts a dog, any dog, let alone two dogs the size of Newfoundlands in the trunk of a car??? On any day, period????

    People like this should not ever be entrusted to take care of the life of another living, breathing creature...EVER!

    Poor Homer, RIP I hope Harry will recover and be sent to a loving forever home with people that care for him

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    They should be in the trunk of the car. I sure hope someone adopts Harry and he lives happily the rest of his life. Sooooo sad.

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