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    UK - Lily Burrows, 7, drowned in River Otter, Devon, Nov 2004 *Insanity*

    A deranged mother became so convinced paedophiles were targeting her seven-year-old daughter that she drowned the schoolgirl to protect her.


    I wish those around this woman could have foreseen her mania could lead to such a dreadful end. perhaps Lily could have been saved. i am interested in this case as my mother was also off her head and believed people were coming into the house to 'get' me. i was forced to live under increasingly bizarre 'security' arrangements.

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    How horrible. I'm glad your mother did not go to this extreme Floh.

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    One thing I don't understand is that according to the article the mother goes home and tells her son she has done something stupid and drowned Lily. So what, sanity hit her in the head after the fact? If she is insane why would she suddenly realize it was not the right thing to do. I would have thought she would have come home and said she saved Lily.

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