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    FL - Michael Nieves, 15, stabbed to death, Orlando, 19 Oct 2006

    I just got off the phone with my mother.She lives in Florida.She was telling me about this.I have not seen this on any other news station.


    The 15-year-old male student was stabbed at University High School Thursday as school was letting out has died, according to Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary.

    Jim Solomons from the Orange County Sheriff's Office said the incident began with a verbal altercation during the lunch period between two students. It escalated when school let out. A fight broke out between the victim, identified as Michael Nieves, and the stabbing suspect, during which Nieves was stabbed.

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    The Ledger- Orlando News Story about stabbing~

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    Another link from Florida;


    Thank-you angelwngs for the other link.


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    Nancy Grace covered it tonight and I felt she was lumping it into the school violence issue. In some ways true, but she kept saying "When are we going to take action and make sure kids can't bring weapons to school?" I am a teacher - how in the world do we do that? My school was broke after putting in two drinking fountains this year (small alternative school for troubled kids). Metal detectors aren't realistic everywhere. Oh boy, I don't want to have to search kids every day. I have to sometimes and I hate it! I think I will have to find yet another career. This is depressing.


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    From April 2007:


    Carmen Salicrup closed her eyes Tuesday afternoon as the verdict against her 15-year-old son's killer was read: guilty of second-degree murder...

    It hurt to hear the details. Michael suffered seven stab wounds. Others saw De La Cruz with the knife moments before the fight. Nobody warned her son that his opponent was armed.
    From June 2007:


    A former neighbor of De La Cruz's testified that De La Cruz had pulled a knife on him just six months before the fatal stabbing of Michael Nieves at University High School. And he had a scar on his arm to prove it...

    De La Cruz was sentenced to 60-years in prison. The sentence should keep him in prison for about 50-years with gain time that he would get.

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