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    Woman finds black widow spider in grapes

    Woman finds black widow spider in grapes

    Price Chopper removed a brand of black seedless grapes from the shelves at its Newington supermarket Thursday after a woman said she found a poisonous black widow spider.

    Sheryl Rosen of Rocky Hill bought a bag of Autumn Royal black seedless grapes on sale Tuesday. It wasn't until Thursday, when she was eating some grapes at work, that she found the spider in the bag.

    "I couldn't believe it," said Rosen, who was not injured. "I never thought I'd see a black widow around here."

    The spider was taken to the Connecticut Poison Control Center at the University of Connecticut Health Center, where Rosen works, and verified as a black widow.

    "Right now, we have it in a jar and we will wait until we hear if anyone is investigating further about the source," said Bernard Sangalli, toxicologist and administrative director of the center.


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    Yikes...that made my skin crawl. I hate spiders...and hiding in the grapes, no less. Yuck!

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    Didn't she wash the grapes? I find it hard to believe that running water over the grapes in a colander wouldn't cause any spiders to scurry.

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    YIKES, that had to be scarey to find ... I love grapes and I always wash them before I eat them..

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    This also happened in NH over the summer - same scenario - black widow in bag of grapes.

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    Boy, I really need my eyes checked. I thought it said "Woman fights black widow spider with grapes"......
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    I have heard of this and it was years ago. Must check your grapes. Eek!


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