Fiiiiinally - high school diploma presented
Associated Press

PORTLAND, Maine - Merle Beane was just months from graduating when he walked out of Portland High School for the last time 64 years ago after being told he didn't belong there. Now, Beane has his diploma.

Afflicted by a condition that made his hands shake involuntarily, Beane struggled as he filled out an absentee form after missing two days of school due to the flu in 1939.

A woman in the office told him, "'People like you shouldn't be in school,'" Beane recalled. "I don't know who it was. It could have been a parent, but still, to this day, I just don't know."

Sixty-four years later, Beane sent an audiotape recounting the event to Portland High's principal. The tape told of Beane's walk to the local dump afterward to scour for pennies, and of his love for school. And he said he wished to have his diploma.

"The tape he sent me, it's just incredible to hear," said Principal Michael Johnson, who was moved to tears by the story.

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