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    NY - Package Containing Dead Baby Delivered to Funeral Home, Oct 25, 2006

    Unfartin believable....

    BUFFALO, N.Y. A funeral home received a package containing a dead baby boy and homicide detectives were searching for the mother.

    The package was dropped off at the James E. Grace Funeral Home Wednesday, but was not opened until later in the day because the funeral director thought it might be for his wife, said Dennis Richards, chief of detectives.

    It was not known whether the baby was alive or dead when delivered to the door, Richards said. An autopsy was planned.

    Richard said the package also contained a note but he would not disclose the contents.

    "We want to locate the mother for police purposes, as well as for her own well-being," Richards said.


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    OMGosh! Oh please, if there is such a thing to pray for, let's hope that baby wasn't alive when placed there. That poor funeral director, to torture his self for not knowing one way or the other.

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    If it was truly a "package" that was "sent", it sounds like the baby had died. How sad that that's the best we can hope for!

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    I am with you on this one, hoping that the baby was already deceased. It would make sense that it likely was since it was dropped off at a funeral home but still...the poor funeral director. What a horrible surprise it would've been for the wife

    I just can never understand people who treat other human beings so callously. I hope they find answers quickly.

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