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    TX - Stephanie Swearingen, 23, strangled to death, Killeen, 14 Oct 2006

    I thought this was an interesting story...


    "The story began the evening of Oct. 14 when Voss, 44, joined her friends for a gathering in Unionville, about 175 miles northwest of St. Louis.

    She took a call about dusk from Swearingen, and then told everyone she needed to drive to Texas to pick up her grandchild. Her son was in trouble and he couldn't keep the child, she told them, according to Rollins.

    More than one friend had overheard the call. They later told the chief that Swearingen may have shot his wife.

    But Rollins said the next step wasn't easy. "They didn't even know there had been a murder in Texas," he said. "And we had no clue what town to call to tell them."

    Would like to read more about this if anyone has more links. TIA!

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    Reminds me of the play 'Sorry Wrong Number', kinda. LOL


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    Yeah, it is kind of like Sorry, Wrong Number! Good call.

    I can't believe the mom wouldn't have just had the son turn himself. What a tragedy. I wonder if they'll charge the Grandma with anything...or if she did anything to get her son to turn himself in and cooperate. What a tragedy

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    I pray I'm never in such a situation, where one of my kids is charged with a crime, and I know what really happened. It would take a heck of a lot of courage for a mother to turn her own child in. This mother, obviously, didn't have the courage. It's odd, though, that he told her what happened, and she didn't blink an eye. She just went to get her granddaughter, and said nothing to police.

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    From September 2007:


    Tye Swearingen was sentenced to 65 years in prison today after being found guilty Wednesday of first-degree murder in the death of his wife...

    He described how he took her to the ground and wrapped his hands around her throat. Their daughter S, only weeks shy of her second birthday, stood nearby... Uncertain she was dead, Swearingen said he picked up the body of his wife and tossed it in the bathtub, which was still full of water, and submerged her head...

    "This man, after killing his wife, took her to the Live Oak Cemetery, and buried her on top of an existing grave in an attempt to cover his crime."

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