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    Miami-Dade firefighters put out giant toilet paper roll

    MIAMI (AP) — Miami-Dade firefighters spent more than two hours putting out a giant toilet paper fire.

    The call came in this morning as a building fire. But when firefighters arrived at the scene, they found the one-thousand pound giant roll in the back of a semitrailer up in flames.

    They had to use a forklift to get it out and extinguish the fire.

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    A member of my family used to drive a wrecker. He picked up a car which had been burned, but was deemed cool enough to transport. It reignited as he approached the wrecking yard and he radioed to "get the hose ready." They did, and put out the fire. This story brought back that memory.

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    Top Ten Uses For 1,000lb Roll Of Toilet Paper;

    1. Removing Tammy Faye Bakers make-up.
    2. Weekly supply for the Jolly Green Giant.
    3. Halloween yard rolling for the whole neighborhood.
    4. Step on it and make the world record toilet paper trail from the bathroom.
    5. Mr. Whipples private bedroom sex toy.
    6. Writing material for Joeseph Duncan, it will out last him though.
    7. Bears will never have to ***** in the woods again.
    8 What Pamela Lee Anderson is really using to fill out her bra.
    9. Never having to do the funny walk to the cabinet for more again.
    10. Cleaning up Washington D.C.

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    Excellent, Becba....also...it can be used for...

    ..."tp'ing" the White House, if you are fed up with George Bush..
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