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    FL - Woman Carjacked In Altamonte Mall Parking Lot Orlando

    ALTAMONTE, Fla. -- A woman was carjacked in broad daylight in the parking lot of the Altamonte Mall Monday. She was in her car on the phone Monday morning when two men attacked her.

    Police said this was the second time someone has been attacked at the mall. Just last summer an elderly woman was seriously injured when she was forced to the ground by thieves stealing her purse. The attack has both police and shoppers concerned.

    Just before 10:00am as the Altamonte Mall was about to open, a few brazen men pulled up in a burgundy Toyota. Two of them appeared to try to enter the mall. Then they walked back and, right in front of witnesses, forced a woman out of her vehicle.

    “The victim was just sitting in her car on the cell


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    It is getting to be that time of year where thieves become more brazen.With the holiday season and shorter days of sunlight, everyone should be more careful.Although this happened in the daylight, sitting in a parking lot on the phone distracts you from paying attention to your surroundings.

    I would suggest that if you do find yourself in that position to keep the car engine on and doors locked and in drive.Better to attempt to drive off then allow them to force you out. This happened in Atlanta last year and the woman wasn't as lucky.

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    I'm sure many of us are guilty of talking on the cell phones & not paying attention. Time to start taking notice......I try to always remember to lock my car doors as soon as I get in my vehicle. Thats another hard habit to remember.

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    Ten o'clock in the morning in broad daylight? Criminals are becoming more brazen.

    I agree that a cell phone is distracting, and the person you're talking with can't really help you until after the fact. Not only are cell phones distracting in a car, but all-around distracting, i.e. crossing the street, walking in the park, etc. Now that cell phones have fully developed, however, there's no turning back the clock on using a cell phone. It's kinda like drinking... do it responsibly.

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    i very rarely talk on the cell phone while driving. or if i do, it's a quick communication with someone about where i'll be and when, or whatever. i don't sit there and gab for hours about anything & everything. i do this out of respect for my fellow driver, as well as my own safety. people survived for years without cell phones, they can certainly survive now without having to blab all day long on the damn things.
    of course many people's jobs require them to be attached to their cell phone day & night- but i would not want a job like that, personally. and as for traffic, i think it's caused a LOT of problems.

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