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    Corruption at the top

    Although it more comforting in a way to believe a crazy parent is soley responsible for a crime against a child rather than have to believe that your own goverment officials are perverted, corrupt and covering up for each other, sometimes you have to meet them.
    Now of course I am in no way accusing this man of anything relating to the murder of JBR, but I do wish to show the possible signs of smoke. And where there's smoke.........
    Notice the year he graduated, his many high powered friends, and his 63,000 dollar posistion as a "economic bullsh1t something or other". Also he's being grommed for the state legislature. Isn't that nice.

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    Comforting is not the word I would use.
    I'm as mad as HELL and I'm NOT gonna take it anymore!.

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    Mid-Term Elections Tuesday

    The TV campaigners are really blowing the whistle on each other this year just before midterm elections. Cleanest one, the Dems say Republican Devoss outsources our jobs, and from there it sure doesn't get any better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperDave
    Comforting is not the word I would use.
    Yes I agree. It of course was a sarcastic use of the word.
    Now I am just a novice with little time for searching the internet but in my 15min investigation (web search) on Colorado pedophila I have come up with some of these gems.
    Bruce Sams a Colorado bussines man who's assualt record goes back to 1996.
    KUTV: Business heres a Colorado CEO who came to town in 1996
    Larry Jack Schwarz he has been in Colorado politics since 1994
    International child porn ring smashed | The Register The Brotherhood paedophile ring was unearthed at the beginning of this year when the FBI arrested a man in Colorado

    I still have more to look through

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