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    TX - Hit Man Hired to Kill Pregnant Wife

    We need more hit men like this in the world, I guess


    snip -

    "Police said Roxanne Sterling came home last week to find an intruder in her bedroom.

    “He informed her that her husband wanted her killed, and she needed to notify the police, and he waited for us to arrive,” Allen police Capt. Robert Flores said.

    The intruder claimed he didn’t intend to kill Roxanne Sterling and wanted to warn her instead. He's now cooperating with police."

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    Yet another man who would rather murder than get a divorce.

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    Quess there is a husband out there needing some new boxers. Lock him away for good. Way to go hit man !

    This might be a good business to start up - "Wife Be Gone", only instead of completing the assigned task, you do exactly what this fellow did...the way it is going, one could be a millionaire over night and put these degenerate idiots (IMO) in jail all at the same time.
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    Dumpwater, Arkansas..LOL


    I guess we can be thankful this guy didn't follow Scott Peterson's lead.
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    I live in Allen, it's hard to beleive things like this can happen so close to home. I am glad the hit man decided not to commit this horrible crime!

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