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    What number did JY use when trying to call MY on 11/3?

    I think I read somewhere that he tried to call her twice on Friday 11/3.

    Do we know if he was trying her home, cell or work number?

    If he called her work number then he would have known that she was missing from work. Also, that could be verified by checking her voice mail or checking with her coworkers.

    If he expected her to be at work, then I don't see why he would have tried her cell phone. Many places discourage the use of cell phones during office time and require that the phones be turned off. In my office, we aren't supposed to have them on (though I have on occasion put mine on vibrate if I am expecting an important call).

    Wherever he was calling I am sure there are phone records, although we know they don't mean much. Scott dialed Laci's phone hours after he had killed her.

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    On Friday, I understood it was her cell phone, because JY's internet buddy said he wasn't concerned when it went directly to voice mail as he thought she was probably at the doctor's office and you have to turn off your cell phone while there.

    Then when she didn't answer later on, his internet buddy said JY figured she was in a 'meeting' at work so had turned off her phone.


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