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    Man accused of spray-painting 3 goats

    MAHOPAC, N.Y. - A man broke into a barn on Thanksgiving morning, spray-painted three pet goats and scattered pages of pornographic magazines on the floor, apparently to harass the property owner, police said Tuesday. ADVERTISEMENT

    Drew Gagnon, 37, of Mahopac, was arrested the next day and was charged with burglary, criminal trespass and animal cruelty, said Lt. Brian Karst, of the Carmel police force, which covers Mahopac. The man who drove Gagnon to the barn, Douglas Bisio, 34, of Mahopac, was charged with criminal facilitation, police said.

    "Obviously it's not an occurrence you see every day," Karst said. "I think it was a situation where this harassment got out of hand."

    He would not elaborate on past instances of harassment or what the feud involved but said the suspects were known to the property owner.

    Gail Fiero, owner of the property on Croton Falls Road, about 50 miles north of midtown Manhattan, said of the goats, "They're our pets. We just want to put this behind us."

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    I just wonder what was going on in this guy's life that caused him to think, "I know, I'll spray paint some goats!" and then not consider at any point during the action that what he was doing was stupid and cruel?

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    These 2 fools are in their mid-30s. Wonder when they are going to grow up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Opie
    These 2 fools are in their mid-30s. Wonder when they are going to grow up?
    Usually guys like this will never grow up if they haven't by now.

    How despicable and cruel to spray-paint the goats. What a waste of time and such unnecessary abuse.
    What an idiot!


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