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    Task force formed to improve search efforts

    Task force formed to improve search efforts

    Search and rescue teams from Southern Oregon and Northern California met Thursday for the first time in an attempt to improve communication and share resources for future missions.

    The California/Oregon Regional Search and Rescue Task Force was formed in response to the James Kim tragedy.

    The Kims, of San Francisco, became lost on their way home from a Thanksgiving trip and took a wrong turn Nov. 25 on a backcountry route through the Siskiyou National Forest known as Bear Camp Road. James Kim died of exposure trying to hike out. Kati Kim and their daughters were rescued.

    Agencies involved in the rescue operation were criticized for not sharing information because of initial confusion over which agency was in charge.

    Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters hopes the task force will lead to improved communication during large-scale searches. It is chaired by Jackson County search and rescue manager Lt. Pat Rowland.

    More at link: http://www.mailtribune.com/archive/2...escue_team.htm

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    I also posted this in "Up To The Minute" thread.

    Man honored for fatal bid to save family

    SAN FRANCISCO - The wife of a man who died after he set out on foot in the Oregon wilderness to find help for his snowbound family thanked hundreds Saturday who attended a memorial service in his honor.

    SAN FRANCISCO - The wife of a man who died after he set out on foot in the Oregon wilderness to find help for his snowbound family thanked hundreds Saturday who attended a memorial service in his honor.

    Kati Kim, who was rescued by helicopter along with her two young daughters after more than a week, expressed gratitude to those at Golden Gate Park for their support after James Kim's death.
    "Without a father, it really truly does take a community to raise children," Kim said, her voice breaking as she stood before a colorful curtain of origami cranes folded by friends and family.

    Kim, 30, also thanked the search and rescue crews who combed the mountains of Oregon's Rogue River Canyon for the San Francisco family after they became lost.

    The Kims were the focus of an intense manhunt and international media attention when they failed to arrive home in San Francisco after Thanksgiving. James Kim, 35, died of hypothermia in a mountain creek after walking more than 16 miles in search of help.

    More at link: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070218...kd73uIBz2ms0NUE

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    After being stranded, Kim left his family’s vehicle and sought help. His family was found safe two days after he left, but Kim was found dead of exposure two days later.

    A statement from the BLM said gates, like the one the Kim family entered to take Bear Camp Road, are opened or closed based on a variety of management issues and public needs, including timber sales, woodcutting, Christmas tree permits and hunting.

    There was originally speculation that a BLM worker was instructed to lock the gate to Bear Camp Road and that the worker failed to lock it.

    The BLM said none of its employees failed to carry out a specific order or work assignment related to locking the gate.


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    Update on Kati and the girls

    Kati Kim's Friendster page here:


    Another (small) update here:


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    the woman who survived nine days in the Oregon wilderness with two young daughters, is living in Oregon and speaking out to clear up questions about the 2006 tragedy that claimed her husband's life. has agreed to provide her first-ever detailed account of the incident on ABC's "20/20" news magazine show on Feb. 4.

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    They changed the show until tonight, unless it is postponed again. (20/20)
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    I watched. Such a tragedy. So many errors and such bad luck. I read horrid comments on the ABC site and saw some criticism here of Kati Kim. I just feel bad for all of them. I hope Kati and her in-laws are not estranged and that the grandparents see their grandkids a lot. Some solace for the loss of their son. They seemed like a very happy, nice little family. What a waste.
    For Elizabeth, a minor child, a victim. Thank God she is home!

    *Gitana (means "Gypsy girl"). Pronounced "hee tah nah."

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