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    VT - traffic stop deters murder-suicide

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    Federal authorities are investigating a violent sex offender's alleged foiled plot to murder his ex-wife-- a woman who just happens to be a doctor at the Vermont State Hospital.

    Police say Daye wanted to kill his ex-wife Dr. Kathleen Daye, a state hospital physician. They married in 1997 while he was completing a 20 year sentence in the St. Albans prison for raping a little boy, just part of his lengthy crime record. They met while working with a non-profit group dedicated to blocking convict transfers to out-of-state prisons.

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    Storys like this just make me shake my head. She is a doctor who should have better sense then to get mixed up with a child rapist. What is wrong with some women these days? She says it was love! I say they were both sick. She is just lucky that he got caught speeding or she would be dead. Three restraining orders later and one for threatening to kill her. I wonder why he wasn't arrested after she had to get three restraining orders? Seems like threatening to kill her should have been enough to send him back to prison. Maybe this time the system will get a clue and throw him in prison and throw away the key.

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    Definitely,Bobbisangel! 110% behind you on that.

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