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    Thumbs up Deaf telephone fraud story sent to Congressional Committee

    Hi Everyone. Just an update on the IP Relay fraud situation.

    As I posted, The Today Show did a short story on the abuse of the Deaf telephone, IP Relay. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/15937817/

    Now the producers who did the story with the other operator and I are planning to send all their research and videos, etc... to a congressional oversight committee for their review.

    I don't know if the producers expect them to hold hearings, or if it's just to bring it to their attention... but there's been talk of the possibility of Cathy, and I (the two operators in the Today Show story) having to testify in front of congress. That is soooooo scary to think about- but I'm happy to report that someone (NBC) is trying to get people in power to LISTEN and FIX the problems.
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