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    UK - 4 teenagers burn, beat and abuse girl

    I will never understand how people can be so cruel

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    OMG I hope the other little b**ches get life in prison and beat the hell up themselves. This made my stomach hurt.

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    That's just awful! What is wrong with people?

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    cant even make myself to read it

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    He said Kirby instigated the violence claiming to have suffered a miscarriage because Miss James smoked near her.

    OK in this instance I have to think it's a good thing that girl had a miscarriage, can you imagine the horrors any baby of hers would have to endure!


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    Do you know how much one can wish to be able to set hands on these people? But then does that make me just as bad as them? I hope that after there term is served she takes them to court and they spend the rest of their lives paying restitution and medical bills so that she can regain her self confidence even if it does require plastic surgery.

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    I find myself sincerely wishing the cans had exploded in the hands of these asshats, leaving Katy unharmed, but her attackers with disfigurements. It would have been Karmic justice. They belong behind bars!

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