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    TX - Pastor's Wife Accused Of Tying Down Children In Day Care


    HOUSTON -- A northwest Houston day-care center is being investigated by the state after parents said the pastor's wife tied down several small children, KPRC Local 2 reported Monday.

    The woman, who is a teacher at the mother's day out program at Gethsemane Lutheran Church, located at 4040 Watonga Blvd., loosely tied neck scarves to restrain toddlers to their seats in the classroom, parents said.

    State officials said restraints should only be used if a child is in danger of injuring himself or herself.

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    From the article:
    "I'm confident that once the report is out, we'll find out that it was really not much of a story," pastor John Cain said.
    He really thinks so? I find that disturbing. It doesn't sound like the children were physically harmed by these actions, but that is certainly not appropriate. If she's got too many toddlers in there to manage, they need to have more staff on hand, not tie the kids down.

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    Sounds like the whole operation is having problems. The article said that 2 teachers were fired, a pastor's wife tied down the kids, and the director didn't take quick action. I wonder if she was the wife of the pastor of that church or some other pastor's wife.

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    Be aware of these mothers day out programs. I worked at one also at a Church when I lived in Texas and after finding out our Parish Hall had a leak in the ceiling with black mold up there when the health dept. came out to do their annual inspections we were all told by our director not to mention it and they did a quickie patch job to ''hide'' it while they were being inspected. I quit soon after.

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