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    John Augustine Washington V

    The Oxford student at the centre of a nightclub bottle attack on a wealthy businessman is facing Christmas behind bars.
    John Washington, a direct descendant of the first U.S. president, triggered an international manhunt after allegedly smashing a vodka bottle over the head of Colin Hall in St Tropez in July.
    He was arrested in the U.S. earlier this week after federal police were tipped off about his whereabouts, and is due in court later today.


    The life of a rich man with nothing to do but party - and bring shame on a family name.

    John Augustine Washington V gives an interview. he had mixed feelings about all the commotion made over his relative - "I'd say mild embarrassment, coupled with pride. What they said today was true: George Washington didn't like pomp and circumstance. When they liberated [colonial] Boston and New York, he didn't march in a big parade like a lot of people expected him to. He kind of just rode his horse in - and that's how he wanted to go out [at his death].
    At the same time, he said one of the great rewards he could have was the esteem of his countrymen and he certainly did have that."


    and is your embarrassment at your behaviour 'mild', John Augustine?

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    I don't know who this Washington is, but I did learn enough in school to know that George Washington married Martha. Martha was a widow with two children. George Washington did not father children. So, if that is the case, he can't have DIRECT descendents.

    However, I found this still unsubstantiated claim when googling:


    Reportedly he fathered a child by one of his brother's slaves.

    ETA: Ok I went back and saw he's claiming him as an uncle......I was confused at first.

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    Did George Washington adopt Marthas children?