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    MA - Liam Garvey, 2 mos, Dracut, 18 Dec 2006

    Baby's death investigated as homicide, Coakley says

    Infant is taken off life support

    By Patricia Wen and Jenna Russell, Globe Staff | December 23, 2006

    Middlesex District Attorney Martha Coakley has launched a homicide investigation into the death of a 2-month-old Dracut boy, an alleged victim of shaken baby syndrome who was taken off life support yesterday afternoon.

    Liam Garvey of Dracut had severe brain injury, as well as skeletal fractures, because of "inflicted physical abuse," Coakley said.

    The boy came to the attention of police Monday morning after they received a 911 call from Jamaal Williams, the mother's boyfriend, who is also believed to be the boy's father. The baby's maternal grandmother was also there when the call was made, but his mother, Sarah Garvey, was not at home, Dracut police said.

    Dracut police said Williams reported that the baby was choking. Doctors at Lowell General Hospital, where the baby was first taken, found the baby to be in respiratory distress, and by Thursday he was declared brain dead at Floating Hospital at Tufts-New England Medical Center in Boston.

    Yesterday, doctors performed surgery to harvest the baby's organs for transplantation, said Coakley. At the time, life support was withdrawn and Liam's death was officially announced by authorities.

    "So this is officially a homicide investigation into the cause of death of Liam Garvey," Coakley said at a press conference with officials from the Dracut police.

    Dracut Police Chief Kevin Richardson said everyone involved in his department has been devastated by the outcome.

    "In a situation like this, when you have young babies involved, it's very, very difficult," he said.

    The boy's twin sister, Paige, had similar but less severe injuries, police said. Police took her from the family's home Monday after doctors, alarmed by the boy's injuries, said they wanted to examine her.

    Doctors found that she had skeletal injuries to her ribs, arms, and legs, which were consistent with shaken baby syndrome.

    She is under observation at a foster home with medical expertise and is expected to recover from her injuries, said Coakley and officials from the state Department of Social Services.

    More at link: http://www.boston.com/news/local/mas..._coakley_says/

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    Aww, this is so sad. At two months of age, all they want is cuddling, food, sleep and clean diapers for the most part.
    I'd like two minutes alone with the abuser....

    We had a case locally where the baby was allegedly abused, but the parents kept her on life support even though doctors said she was brain-dead. Everyone presumed they were keeping her alive so that the husband, suspected of physically abusing her, wouldn't have to face murder charges. I think the parents were saying the damage happened at birth when the baby was coming out of the birth canal.

    It hasn't been in the news lately and I can't remember how it turned out......

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    Baby's death is ruled homicide

    DA says probe is underway

    By John R. Ellement, Globe Staff | March 6, 2007

    The state medical examiner concluded yesterday that a 9-week-old boy from Dracut was the victim of homicide, calling the death a case of shaken baby syndrome. Middlesex prosecutors said they are continuing to search for the infant's killer.


    Dracut and State Police have been investigating along with Middlesex District Attorney Gerard T. Leone Jr., but have not made arrests or charged anyone with the child's death.


    Paige Garvey underwent medical exams, and doctors discovered she had skeletal injuries to her ribs, arms, and legs. Monteiro said the infant was released from the hospital and has been cared for in a medically specialized foster home since then.


    The baby's mother has gone to court, seeking the return of her child, but that request has been denied, Monteiro said.

    DSS is currently investigating the possibility of placing Paige Garvey with relatives and is conducting background checks before making that decision, Monteiro added.


    Notes: Paige Garvey is the twin sister to Liam. I can find no evidence that anyone has ever been charged for Liam's murder and the injuries to Paige.

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    more brilliant work by martha coakley.

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    From January 2013:


    Although the medical examiner ruled that Liam's death was a homicide, more than six years later, no one has been charged in the case.

    The Middlesex District Attorney's Office has remained mum on the investigation. DA spokesperson MaryBeth Long said, "This is still an open, active and ongoing investigation."

    Dracut resident Robert Logan, of A Child's Light Inc., a nonprofit organization that provides education to prevent abuse and neglect of children, is not happy. "I find it appalling that after six years no one has been arrested and prosecuted for the murder of Liam Garvey," Logan said.

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