What is wrong with this picture???!!!!!
Why in the hell did this girl get a charge? How can this charge even stand. I feel that all involved in this are in the wrong profession.


DANVILLE, Pa. — A 12-year-old special education student was charged with disorderly conduct after authorities said she deliberately wet her pants at school.
Her mother told the Press Enterprise of Bloomsburg that the girl urinated only because she was frightened by the principal.

The girl, whose name was withheld by the newspaper, had worked with her classmates and teachers preparing a holiday lunch at Danville Middle School on Dec. 20. They ate in the library and the girl was told to go to the kitchen to wash some pots and pans, her mother said.

After she refused to leave the library, teachers summoned principal Kevin Duckwork, who confronted the girl. She then wet her pants.