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    Mysterious odor in NYC...

    First it was the "maple syrup" smell....who's source was never revealed.
    Now, it's this.

    More at link...
    Justice for Jonbenet!

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    I used to live in NYC about 28 years ago--believe me, it smells a lot anyway but usually in the summer--sort of a mixture of exhaust and garbage-- and usually the sweet smell of urine at the entrance to Penn Station and Grand Central Station-- but its been awhile since I've been there so maybe the city cleaned things up a bit---but today's incident was pretty strange---and funny cuz NYC officials blamed Jersey for the problem and then Jersey denied it but then we hear two people in Jersey were hospitalized from breathing this rotten-egg smelling gas that enveloped NYC

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    I am in midtown right now (50's) and don't smell anything. However, this morning I though Astoria smelled like gasoline.

    I rather enjoyed the odd maple syrup smell. I wonder what the heck that was anyway?

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