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    UK - Juli Begum, 26, Thanha, 7, & Anika Khanum, 5, murdered, London, 31 Dec 2006

    I'm having a hard time containing myself after learning of this story. the picture of these beautiful girls makes me weep at their loss:

    Murdered with their mother: first picture of 'babes in the bed' in triple killing

    Anika Khanum, five, was strangled and sister Thanha, six, died from a blow to the head.

    Their bodies were discovered huddled together under a duvet with their 26-year-old mother Juli Begum on Wednesday morning in their London home.

    A cause of death for Ms Begum has yet to be confirmed.

    Early suspicions were that she killed her children before taking her own life but this has been ruled out.

    Scotland Yard detectives believe all three were murdered and a massive manhunt is under way.


    They must get the monster who did this.

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    Floh, my first thought was the ex-husband/father but it says in the article that he lives in Bangladesh and has re-married. Do you know if they've checked to see if maybe he was in the country at that time? If the mother wasn't working he was probably paying alimony/child support. Seems these days that men would rather take a chance on going to prison for murder than pay up. I guess they probably have checked his whereabouts at the time of the murder. I just seem to think that someone that would kill innocent children would have some sort of personal reason to do that. It's not always the case (as in the Richmond murders of a whole family, including two little girls...complete strangers did it).
    I hope for swift justice for these beautiful little girls and their mom

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    This is so sad.

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    They were gorgeous. I pray that these angels are in mom's arms now.
    Happy New Years

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    There are no more updates as of now, but the police really aren't, apparently, looking to pin the blame on the father.

    ".....a senior source at Scotland Yard said the case was being treated as a triple murder until the causes of death were known."


    they must have their reasons and i hope they do have thoughts on who they are looking for.

    the really bad thing is it's thought the murders happened on New Year's Eve and it was a week before police got called. the lady's sister was worried and the police forced an entry and discovered this tragedy.

    this, of course, means the murderer has had an abundance of time to get away possibly even leave the country.

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    You would think that some type of evidence would be left behind during the killing of three people. The little girls are so cute and they look so happy.

    I wonder how the mom was living if she doesn't work? She might have been getting child support and maybe alimony but if she was she must have been getting quite a bit. Hope the police look at the ex and any boyfriends that she may have had.

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