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    AR - Shane Stauffer, 20, Cave City, Jan 2007

    Speculation is that he may have got caught up in the heavy rain and flooding we have had in the area since Friday.


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    my thoughts are with him in hopes that he just stopped off somewhere and got sidetracked. Hopefully he will show up somewhere and contact his family.

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    ASH FLAT — Authorities in Sharp and Izard counties were checking rain swollen streams for a missing Cave City man this morning, although they are unsure if the weather is involved in his disappearance, Sharp County Sheriff Dale Weaver said.

    The family of Shane Stauffer reported him missing after realizing he had not been seen in about 24 hours, Weaver said.

    “I found out about 4 this morning,” he said.

    The Arkansas State Police are also helping with the search, in central Arkansas, since Stauffer may have been headed for Conway, where he attends college.

    Stauffer was last seen leaving a home between Evening Shade and Zion about 3 or 4 a.m. Sunday, Weaver said.

    His parents, Steve and Paula Stauffer, became concerned when they realized his girlfriend thought he was home and they thought he had gone back to Conway. By that time, he had been missing for hours.

    Weaver said about 9:30 this morning that all of Stauffer’s known contacts in Conway had been called. “We called the state police to look at the route on that end,” Weaver said.

    “According to his family, he would have called and let them know something.”

    Stauffer, 20, was driving a red Chevrolet Blazer S-10, Weaver said.

    Piney Creek Road is one route that can be used to reach Cave City from the area of Izard County where Stauffer was last seen.

    “We’ve been out checking Piney Creek and other places,” Weaver said. “It (Piney) is up really big — there’s no way you could cross it.”

    An elderly couple drowned in March of 2005 after their vehicle was swept off Piney Creek bridge. Since then, the county put up signs at each end warning of the danger of trying to cross the bridge when it is flooded.

    Weaver said a local man who owns a biplane was expected to fly up and down Piney Creek and other areas today as part of the search. “We called Baxter County for their helicopter, but I don’t think they can fly until later in the day,” he said.

    At 10:30, County Judge Larry Brown was checking Strawberry River Road for weather-related damage and had already been on several other backroads.

    So far on some of these there’s not as much damage as I would have expected,” Brown said.

    However, he said, “I’m sure there are several low water bridges that have the ends (approaches) washed out.”

    Brown said at 11 the rain had tapered off and water appeared to be receding. “We won’t know how much damage there’s been until the water goes down,” he said


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    In Sharp and Izard counties, sheriff's deputies and volunteers searched into the night Monday for a missing 20-year-old college student after heavy rains caused creeks and rivers to overflow. They searched the muddy banks of the Piney Creek for any sign of Shane Stauffer, a student at the University of Central Arkansas.

    Sharp County Sheriff Dale Weaver said Stauffer, of Cave City, left a friend's house in Izard County early Sunday morning and would have crossed three low-water bridges along the creek after leaving. His 2000 red Chevrolet Blazer also had not been found, Weaver said.

    Most of Arkansas escaped the winter storm blamed for at least 41 deaths in six states. The National Weather Service forecast partly cloudy skies through mid-week for Arkansas, with highs Tuesday in the lower 20s in northern part of the state and the lower 40s in the southern region.

    Speaking by cell phone from along the creek Monday, Weaver said the creek had receded four feet from its morning height. Stauffer's family also had traveled along the roads between there and Conway to check for his vehicle, Weaver said.

    "If (the car) happened to be in the creek, we should be able to see it tomorrow," Weaver said.

    Weaver said investigators checked Stauffer's cell phone records and found he made his last call just after 3 a.m. Sunday.

    "It's kind of alarming," Weaver said.

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    "it's kind of alarming" is right. Down right scary. This does not auger well...

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    ATED Authorities in Sharp and Izard counties say they have located a vehicle belonging to a missing University of Central Arkansas student who disappeared during rough weather over the weekend.The vehicle was found near Needmore, which is near the border between Sharp and Izard counties.

    Sheriff Dale Weaver of Sharp County and Izard County Sheriff Tate Lawrence say searchers will launch a boat to begin today's search in that area.

    Twenty-year-old Shane Stauffer vanished after leaving a friend's house early Sunday morning. Officials have been worried that Stauffer may have been swept away in a flood.

    Searchers combed muddy banks of the Piney Creek yesterday for signs of the student.

    Officials say Stauffer did not tell anyone whether he was headed back to school or to see his parents, who live in Cave City in Sharp County


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    ASH FLAT, AR - The sheriffs in Sharp and Izard counties say they have recovered the body of a missing 20-year-old UCA student.

    Shane Stauffer, 20, vanished after leaving a friend's house early Sunday morning during a stretch of heavy rain that blanketed the state.

    This morning, searchers located Stauffer's red Chevrolet Blazer around 7 a.m. The body was recovered inside the vehicle a short time later.


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    That is sad, prayers to Shane's family.

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    how unfortunate. I was hoping for a better outcome. Why is it when the roads are this bad that the sherrifs department didn't put up road blocks. It isn't like people don't travel. That someone not familiar with the area could run into the same problems. Seems like this could be prevented before it even happend.

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