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    Throw Away Babies?

    I was in WalMart yesterday and took this photograph of a doll baby. It's dressed like Oscar the Grouch - and in a GARBAGE CAN.

    My daughter noticed it, and pointed it out to me. Disturbing, no?
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    Hmmm, a little bit. If I'm trying to look at this from a positive side or such though, I would say that if you want to conceive, you will be issued one of these things and you must keep it for 6 months. If after the 6 months, you're tired of having a "baby"... you can just "throw it away". I don't know what to do about accidents though....
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    I see it more as a seasonal type doll, it comes with its own Halloween costume. The kid wants to dress up as Oscar the Grouch, (Oscar lives in a garbage, can, remember?) and that is it's costume myself. (Why not have the garbage can, I don't think Oscar was ever seen outside his can, legs just came out the bottom if he was going anywhere...) It even has the Sesame Street logo on its package...
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