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    FL - Sherri Carman, 29, bludgeoned to death, Mims, 16 Jan 2007

    MIMS, Fla. - A Brevard County mother of three was found dead in her Mims home on Wednesday.

    Sherri Carman, 29, was last seen alive on Tuesday morning when she sent her three children off to school, WESH 2 News reported.


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    Such a shame, and now 3 little children don't have a mommy. It's a shame how some murders get so much attention, and some are hardly noticed. My thoughts and prayers are w/ the victim's family.

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    How terribly sad. She was only 29 years old, and her three little children have lost their mom. I am confused as to who had the car, and who's, "brother" was being talked about by whom. That she was found under a pile of clothes sounds odd. Perhaps the murderer felt remorse or or guilt and did not want to see her face. Lion

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    Very strange...the article was so vague it was hard to really get any info from it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by teonspaleprincess
    Very strange...the article was so vague it was hard to really get any info from it.
    Sounds like they don't know very much yet. I hope they will find who did this. Very sad.
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    And another article. The guy, Michael Townson hit her over the head with a metal pipe. Her poor kids and her family

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    The murderer did drugs. Do you think that she was involved in drugs or it is just a coincidence that this childhood friends did them? In any case, what a sad, sad situation, especially for the children. At least, they are safe, though.

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    Brevard County Mom found dead.......

    I lived in Mims for a long time. It was so weird to read on Websleuths under "Crimes In The New" that a murder happened in such a small town that I once lived in.

    I found this too:
    Friend Held In Slaying Of Brevard Woman
    Brevard County Sheriff’s investigators say a childhood friend Sherri Carman had not seen in at least 16 years is now being held in the Brevard County Jail today, accused in her murder.

    The sheriff's office has booked Michael Shane Townson, 37, on a first-degree murder charge in the death of the north Brevard County woman.

    In a press conference today, sheriff's investigators said Townson hit Carman, 29, in the head with a lead pipe apparently after the two began to argue and Townson became enraged.

    Carman's body was then hidden beneath a pile of clothes, and Townson went to Orlando to smoke crack cocaine, according to the police report.
    (More at link)

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    According to Florida DOC, Townson was sentenced to life without parole: