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    Space Probe Sends Back New Pictures Of Jupiter

    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - A space probe that launched from Cape Canaveral is about to make a spectacular flyby of the planet Jupiter.

    In fact, the New Horizons probe has already sent back some remarkable pictures of the huge, colorful planet, WESH 2 News space expert Dan Billow reported.

    For example, NASA has released a time-lapsed view of Jupiter that comes from the probe that was launched from the Cape one year ago.

    The probe is actually on its way to Pluto but passes Jupiter on the way.


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    I am hoping that they got some great shots of the relatively new Red Spot, jr...

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    a few close-ups would be good.

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    Sounds great--Astronomy magazine should have some great intense color pictures in the next few months as it gets closer to this giant planet

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