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    Tijuana police issued slingshots

    Tijuana police issued slingshots
    Guns confiscated amid allegations of collusion with drug runners

    TIJUANA, Mexico - The police department has issued about 60 slingshots to officers in the violent border city of Tijuana, where soldiers confiscated police weapons two weeks ago on allegations of collusion with drug traffickers.

    Municipal police spokesman Fernando Bojorquez said Monday that the slingshots, along with bags of ballbearings, were given to officers patrolling areas of the city visited by tourists.
    Tijuana’s police force of 2,000 officers has been without guns since Jan. 5, but some patrol alongside armed state police.


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    No wonder there are so many illegal immigrants to the U.S. It would be horrible to have to live in that type of country where there is so much corruption and ridiculous things like the slingshots being handed out as a weapon.

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    note to self : Stay as far away from tijuana as possible! How sad that it has turned to that.