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    Amnesia victim wandered for 25 days

    hhhmmm..... interesting. this could explain how a few people out there disappear & are never found. if they never do regain their memory, they could end up just blending in with all the lost, bedraggled homeless people out there. i wonder how often this really happens? i know it's not a new concept, but this is kind of an unusual story.

    Amnesia victim wandered for 25 days


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    From what I understand, they say that this is actually a rare form of amnesia. However, if, like you say, there are homeless people out there suffering from it, how would the researchers, medical doctors, etc., ever know about it to include it in research statistics?

    It's a scary thought ! I suffer from a kind of epilepsy that sometimes causes periods of amnesia. However, unlike this case, I do not wander off or "assume a new persona". Just the few hours that I lose are very scary. I cannot imagine what this poor man went through.

    Thank God he was found !
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