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    South Africa - Irate customer accused of releasing deadly snakes in bank lobby

    Irate customer accused of releasing deadly snakes in bank lobby


    (2/02/04 - JOHANNESBURG, South Africa) Bail was set at $700 Monday for a man who released deadly puff adder snakes in the lobby of a bank that had repossessed his car.

    Abel Manamela, 52, was charged with attempted murder after a bank cleaner was bitten on the finger Thursday while trying to contain the snakes at the downtown Johannesburg branch of the ABSA Bank.

    The snakebite victim underwent surgery and was out of danger Monday.

    The case continues Feb. 24.

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    Wow !!! His bail was set at $700 and he's being charged with attempted murder. What a country !

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    Great story! even qualifies for the bizarre thread! LOL

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