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    NC - Gregory Floyd - Most Wanted

    Why is a North Carolina fugitive living here?

    (New York - WABC, 2007) - Gregory Floyd is wanted in North Carolina for allegedly molesting a child. He has been living in Spring Valley, Rockland County. So why aren't local cops arresting him? It's an Eyewitness News Investigators exclusive.

    Now, police here are outraged that cops from North Carolina won't come here to arrest him.
    The Investigators Want to Hear From You
    We're interested in hearing from any local law enforcement agencies which have had problems with other jurisdictions refusing to extradite criminal suspects.
    If you've experienced this, Please Click Here to Email the Investigators

    The Investigators Sarah Wallace has more on her exclusive report.

    No one in North Carolina has yet answered our question: How can you put someone on your most wanted list if you don't want to come get him? Police in Spring Valley are asking the same thing, along with a local parent.

    Otis Jones: "It's been since January 3rd that I've been reporting this&everyday&.I've been a nuisance to the police."

    Otis Jones is an emotional wreck after learning that his 11-year-old daughter might be living in the same apartment as Gregory Floyd, listed on the Fayettville, North Carolina police Web site as one of its most wanted -- wanted for "indecent liberties with a child." And this caution: "Subject may be living with family in New York."

    That is something police in this Rockland County town of Spring Valley say is true. They confirmed information that Floyd moved into this apartment in a complex with Otis Jones' ex-wife, the couple's 11-year-old daughter and a younger child. So, the obvious question: why haven't local police locked him up?

    Paul Modica: "There was a warrant out of North Carolina but they don't want to extradite him ... so I can't lock him up."
    Sarah Wallace: "It's pretty incredible that he's on the most wanted list and you guys can't lock him up."
    Paul: "Yep ... it's a loophole ... our hands are tied."

    Jones says he called North Carolina detectives himself.

    Jones: "They came out and said we're not coming because it's too much money ... and we don't like you guys because you beat us in the Civil War." Sarah: "Someone actually said that to you?"
    Jones: "Yeah."

    So we called Fayettville Police, which said this is a district attorney decision but if New York wanted to bring Floyd down, they'd probably take him.

    Floyd wasn't home today. Police sources say he might have decided Spring Valley is too hot this winter. But Floyd may end up getting arrested in Rockland after all. We've learned the Ramapo Police Department is now investigating him for a connection to another alleged child molestation case.

    Sgt. John Lynch, Ramapo Police: "We're looking at an allegation involving sexual contact, sexual abuse between him and a female relative."

    That is news which worries Otis Jones even more.

    Jones: "So he's a most wanted fugitive and nobody will pick him up?
    Sarah: "How does that make you feel?"
    Jones: "I'm distraught & I can't sleep."

    We left several phone messages for the Fayettville DA's office and did not hear back as to why they've refused to extradite Gregory Floyd.

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    Oh dear lord. As a souther gal, let me assure you that the way this police office in Fayetteville conducts himself is only reflective of the good 'ol boy rednecks in the Fayetteville area and not of NC as a whole. Believe it or not some of us have actually gotten over the civil war. If this officer really did say that and more importantly shirk his responsibilities he needs to loose his job pronto. He is putting other people at risk just because he is being lazy. I will be contacting the Fayetteville PD today.

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    Call Dog the Bounty Hunter - send him for this guy!! Hey, it's an idea, right?! Forget the paperwork/loophole/jurisdiction crap and just send some tough guy to haul his butt back to NC. KISS. I should be President!!
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