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    CA - Castaic, WhtFem 559UFCA, 19-26, beige mini dress & cross ring, Sept'69

    Unidentified White Female

    • The victim was discovered on September 7, 1969 in Castaic, California

    Vital Statistics

    • Estimated age: 19-26 years old
    • Approximate Height and Weight: 5'5" (165 cm)
    • Distinguishing Characteristics: Long, light brown hair.
    • Dentals:
    • Clothing: She was wearing the pictured mini-dress or blouse which was white or light beige in color with a dark brown check and floral pattern. The fabric was an eyelet-type weave and it was lined in beige.
    • Jewelry: The size 9-1/4 white metal ring pictured was found near her grave. The ring was manufactured by James Avery Jewelers, which has stores in TX, OK, GA, LA, and CO. The ring was most likely purchased in Texas, near the Kerrville, Austin, or Dallas area. The inside of the ring contained a stamped insignia with three candles.

    Case History
    The victim was recovered from a shallow grave off Interstate 5 in Castaic, California, approximately 19 miles south of Gorman.

    If you have any information about this case please contact:
    Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office
    Cold Case Unit
    You may remain anonymous when submitting information.

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    Who is CC Jane Doe?

    The investigation of a 1969 California murder has led police more than 1,200 miles to Kerrville.

    A size 9 1/4 James Avery ring and a piece of clothing are all that investigator Richard Kennerly, of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Cold Case Unit, has to determine the identity of the female victim named Castaic California Jane Doe.

    On Sept. 7, 1969, the body of the young Caucasian woman, between 19 and 26 years old, was found in a shallow grave off Interstate 5 in Castaic, Calif., more than 40 miles northwest of Los Angeles.

    She was wearing a mini-dress or blouse which was white or light beige in color with a dark brown check and floral pattern. The fabric was an eyelet-type weave and lined in beige.

    Kennerly said it is possible the girl was shot, but there wasn’t much to the crime scene.

    The Avery ring found near her grave linked CC Jane Doe to Kerrville.

    “The inside of the ring contained a stamped insignia with three candles,” Kennerly said. “We finally realized this was a James Avery ring, and that is what led us to Kerrville.”

    James Avery established his business in 1954 in Kerrville and has grown to include 41 retail stores across the Unites States in 2006. However, at the time CC Jane Doe was found, the first retail store opening in Dallas still was four years away.

    “We suspect that whoever purchased the ring might have purchased it from James Avery himself,” he said. “I have received much help from Avery Security on this case.”

    Kennerly hopes someone will recognize the ring or the mini-dress so he can identify this Jane Doe.


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    Very interesting! Thanks for posting this.
    I can't get the doenetowrk link to work, but maybe they are down. I will try later.

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    Bodies Keeping Secrets

    It doesn't appear the mysterious victim, now known only as Jane Doe, was from the Santa Clarita Valley.

    So Kennerly has talked to the Kerrville Daily Times about the case in an attempt to get it publicized in the town now home to more than 20,000.

    The victim's body was dug up Sept. 7, 1969, from a shallow grave near Interstate 5 after her remains were found by off-road riders, Kennerly said.

    The body had been there for months, and scavenging animals had torn it apart, he said. Not even a skull was left, but investigators determined the victim was 19 to 26 and that she had long, light-brown hair. It's possible she had been shot, Kennerly said.

    As for the ring, the company that made it was established in 1954, with founder James Avery working out of a garage in Kerrville. Avery started a catalog in 1957, but in 1969 it was still a small company, and its first retail store had not opened.

    "It was just him and word-of-mouth advertising," said Terri Armstrong, a spokeswoman for the company.

    Now, the company has 41 stores.

    Kennerly said he is unsure if the ring belonged to the victim or someone else. It's also unclear where the victim came from. She could have been a hitchhiker who was drawn to the Hollywood scene but ended up at a remote freeway truckstop, he said.

    For Kennerly, who worked in the sheriff's Homicide Unit for 21 years and came out of retirement to work cold cases, Castaic Jane Doe is just one of 200 homicide victims he is trying to identify. It's a big caseload for an investigator, hired on a part-time basis, who works partly from home.

    "I saw all those cases, the file, and said somebody ought to try to identify those people, and they gave me that job," he said. "It's a challenge."


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    If I am reading this correctly they think it was Susan Scott though not formally identified. About 11 paragraphs down.

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    That's interestin, I hope the can try to make a defenite match.

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    A google search for Susan Scott and Castaic Jane Doe reveals a true crime novel and roughly a dozen websites that state that the Castaic jane doe was identified as Scott by its' clothing. None of these websites appear to be particularly reputable. One is from Loyola University New Orleans, but it seems to be a student-produced PowerPoint Presentation, most likely using the novel as a reference.

    Perhaps someone would like to contact LE and see what they have to say?


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    Quote Originally Posted by laini View Post
    I can't get the doenetowrk link to work
    Doenetwork changed their URL from doenetwork.us to doenetwork.org in late 2006 (if I recall well), you have to substitute .org for .us in the address bar before you can access the site.

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    Bump up.

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    Exclamation Connection between Castaic Jane Doe & Manson Family Member

    Ok so I know that there have been MANY threads about a potential match between the unidentified body found in 1969 known as "castaic jane doe":

    and a Manson follower named Susan Scott:

    "Over the decades various people have theorized who Castaic Jane may be. One theory is that she is Susan Scott, a one time follower of convicted serial killer Charles Manson.Susan, like the rest of the teenybopper/flower children who became a part of "The Family " wore peasant style mini-dresses. Susan, did in fact slip from the historical stage. But if this is in fact Susan; 4 decades later, no one has been able to confirm that fact."

    BUT... have there been any reports of perhaps a Scott family member taking a DNA test to see if "Castaic jane doe" is really her?
    Or has she been ruled out?

    Any developments??

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    Wonder if there is any DNA from that case available

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    there is no DNA for CCJD.

    dental chart is only identifier.

    no rule outs listed


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    I wonder if there is anything other than Susan Scott disappeared shortly before CC Jane Doe was found that causes people to believe that is her? Size 9 1/4 ring is sort of large for a female, unless she was wearing it on her middle or index finger. I think several of the "Manson family" members were either from Texas or have ties to the state.

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