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    OK - Melissa Flores, 27, Cordell, 27 Jan 2007

    Cordell - A woman has been reported missing in Washita County and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has been called in to assist.

    27-year-old Melissa Sue Flores of Cordell was last seen early Saturday morning. Her vehicle was found at her ex-boyfriend's home in Cordell.

    Cordell is about 180 miles west-southwest of Tulsa.

    The Washita County Sheriff's Office called the OSBI for help since several personal items were found in Flores' vehicle. Evidence has been gathered and law enforcement has conducted several interviews to gain information on Flores' whereabouts.

    Police say they have no suspects at this time. Anyone with information on Flores' whereabouts is asked to call the OSBI hotline at 1-800-522-8017.

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    Geez. The phrases "missing woman" and "last seen with ex-boyfriend" just give me the creeps anymore.

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    I wonder what kind of terms she was on with the ex and why he was an ex?
    I get tired of hearing that too. Seems we almost know the way the story will end doesn't it? Either she drove her car to the ex-boyfriend's home and disappeared or someone else drove it there. They said 180 miles away from her home...that is a long way for someone else to drive the car and leave it there to "set the ex up!"

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    Rumors Haunt Missing Woman's Family

    Rumors about the discovery of a missing Cordell woman's body continue to surface with regularity in Washita County, and continue to sting her distraught and heartbroken family.

    Authorities and volunteers have searched for Melissa Sue Flores since her disappearance six months ago. The 27-year-old mother of three was last seen Jan. 27 at an estranged boyfriend's house in Cordell, where investigators found her car and purse.

    Police served the estranged boyfriend — Ronnie Denny Jr. — with a search warrant at the time. He said he had "no knowledge of Melissa's whereabouts.”

    Since then, rumors and false leads have flowed into the Washita County Sheriff's Department.

    Most recently, a rumor emerged Tuesday that Melissa Flores' body had been found in a foot locker in a nearby lake. The rumor was so strong, even a Dallas television station contacted the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation for verification.

    "What kind of people sit around and come up with these things?” asks Flores' mother, Judy Tome. "Honestly, I think there is someone who wants to continue to hurt the family.”


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    I wonder who keeps spreading those rumors? Someone who is trying to keep the case in the media or someone who is trying their best to bring more pain to her family?

    My money is on the ex-boyfriend. Why would her car have been at his house along with her purse, etc if she hadn't been there too? Did LE go over his home with a fine tooth comb. Did they go over his vehicle and hers? Seems they could have gotten a search warrent as her vehicle was there along with her purse, etc. I wonder if they even checked him out. She's been missing an awful long time.

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    She kinda looks like the UID wearing a red shirt on the TX missing persons clearinghouse website. (Just going by memory on this though, as I can't get to the TXMPCH from this computer)

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    I think the height is wrong for the one in the red shirt:


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    Reward Renewed

    Melissa Sue Flores has never been found. But a little more than three years after the 27-year-old mother of three vanished in Cordell, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is hoping a renewed reward offering will bring in some new tips.

    Melissa Sue Flores The 27-year-old of Cordell has been missing since 2007.

    Anyone with information should call the OSBI hot line at (800) 522-8017.

    "We’re hoping we’re wrong, but it appears to be a homicide case,” OSBI spokeswoman Jessica Brown said.

    "Since that time, everything just stopped — no one has seen or heard from her. No phone calls. No credit cards. Nothing.”

    A $10,000 reward that had previously expired is being re-offered, she said. The last reported telephone conversation with Flores was about 8 a.m. Jan. 27, 2007

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    I go to Cordell ofen with my job. It is very, very rural. It would be easy to hide a body that no one comes accross for a long time. Especially if the person is local and knows the area well.

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    so i'm confused...and the first articles have expired, how in the world does he get away with her being there, people knowing she's there, her car's still there, her purse is still there, but she isn't?? and why in the world did someone who is a suspect or excuse me, a person of interest, get a suspended sentence for the gun possession?
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    missing 4 years now.

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    There is so much about this case that is just mind blowing. If this would have happened anywhere but Cordell Oklahoma someone would be behind bars. There are additional articles available now - one link below. I am somewhat familiar since my loved one is also missing from Cordell. I know her family needs answers, closure and Melissa deserves justice.


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    A Texas man has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of his former girlfriend — seven years after she went missing from Cordell.

    Ronnie Dean Denny Jr., 35, was arrested late Monday night at his home in Princeton, Texas, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation announced Tuesday. The body of the victim, Melissa Sue Flores, has not been found. She was 27 when she went missing in January 2007.

    Oklahoma’s multicounty grand jury indicted Denny last week after new information surfaced in the case.

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