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    Teens To Be Tested At School For Weekend Drinking

    I'm not to sure how I feel about this yet. On one hand I think "is this really something that the school needs to be involved in" but then on the other hand I think of the perfume and gum I used liberally as a teen to hide the smell of cigarettes and alcohol, and my parents were none the wiser. I'm still on the fence about this one.


    PEQUANNOCK, N.J. -- Teens who drink alcohol could be caught three days later under a high school's new testing policy for students.

    The test, which will be given randomly to students at Pequannock Township High School, can detect whether alcohol was consumed up to 80 hours earlier.

    Pequannock Superintendent Larrie Reynolds said the policy approved last week should be a deterrent to students who feel peer pressure to drink.

    Under the program, students who test positive will not be kicked off teams or barred from extracurricular activities, Reynolds said. Instead, they will receive counseling - and their parents will be notified.

    Much more at link...

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    I'm sick of alcohol not being addressed as the dangerous drug it is. test. do it!

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    I too believe that alcohol is a dangerous drug, but this smacks of Big Brother and I can't stand it. It's ludicrous and I wouldn't want my kids attending a school that did this.

    It'll probably just lead to an increase in pot smoking, until they start to then randomly administer drug tests.
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    southcitymom--I completely agree--This is definitely Big Brother--Let kids be kids and leave them alone--Show them a movie or something,about the dangers of drunk driving--that's all a school needs to do

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Hamilton
    southcitymom--I completely agree--This is definitely Big Brother--Let kids be kids and leave them alone--Show them a movie or something,about the dangers of drunk driving--that's all a school needs to do
    I agree: Imagine the humiliation of being ordered to pee in a cup. Students should be taught responsible freedom and respect, not how to live life in a concentration camp. This is between the students and their parents.

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    I think its a terrific idea!!!!

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    Gotta agree with the previous posters.... I think this is wrong!!

    I heard on one news station that these tests are not that reliable and they could point an accusing finger at an innocent kid.

    Bottom line on this, it's mom and dad's job to lay down the rules for drinking, bust them if necessary and dole out punishment. The school system has no business in this.

    There will be lawsuits within the first 6 months they start it!!

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    The test they are using is notorious for false positives! The Wall Street Journal did an expose type article on it last summer.

    The "etg" test has even been disavowed by the guy who invented it!

    Everything and anything produces a positive - like using the instant hand sanitizers that are so popular, eating certain (many) foods.

    Whoever made the decision to use this test did NOT do their homework, that's for sure. There are many websites devoted to the subject, plus I know of at least one class action lawsuit that has not yet reached the courts.

    "A widely-used urine test, utilized by drug-testing laboratories to detect alcohol consumption, is too inaccurate to be reliable, according to an advisory issued by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. The test is so sensitive it cannot distinguish between actual alcohol consumption and exposure to small amounts of alcohol found in many household and personal hygiene products."


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    [QUOTE=AlwaysShocked]The "etg" test has even been disavowed by the guy who invented it!
    Everything and anything produces a positive - like using the instant hand sanitizers that are so popular, eating certain (many) foods.QUOTE]

    Ya know, the sad thing about our school is that they no longer have soap in the restrooms--just the hand sanitizer stuff. Basically, they'd be testing the kids to find out who uses the hand sanitizer!

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    I am on a razor thin fence about this. I want to get off; but, I can't decide which way to go yet.

    I fully agree that we need to look at alcohol for the dangerous that it is. About 16, 000 people die every year in our country from alcohol related accidents. According to Fox News minutes ago there are more teens who die in alcohol related accidents each YEAR than all of our soldiers killed in the Iraq war. Movies and classes have been around for years, and the problem is still here. Our children and adults are still dying. I lost a close friend to a drunk driver years ago. he was only 18, and he was a wonderful person. I am tired of people turning a desensitized eye away from this pandemic life-taking problem. Something must be done.

    But, randomly testing students at school sounds like, "big brother" to me, too. It concerns me that the more of, "big brother" we allow into our society, the more he will keep a watchful eye and bring in the reigns.

    And, while testing students may result in a decrease in students drinking, it doesn't address the issue of attitudinal change. Teens that drink, drive and party have a certain, "attitude" that in itself perpetuates drinking and can lead to additional self destructive or destructive behaviours. One thing I am for though is for parents to teach children from the very day they can comprehend. We need to set good examples, and educate about the dangers and destructiveness of alcohol and other drugs in a manner that children and teens can understand and respect. Without this, I have doubts that any plan of random school testing will ultimately prove successful in overcoming this major problem.


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    I think it's a great idea too.

    It's about time the government gets on the alcohol corporations butts like they have cigarette makers.

    Drunks kill people every day. Many more than die from cigarettes.

    But, the senators and representatives like to have those martini lunches, so they won't do a THING about it!!!!
    This is my opinion. It's mine and you can't take it away.

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    We are slowly losing our civil rights here in USA.

    This amounts to nothing more than an illegal search.........this type of testing forces the innocent to submit to a test to prove they are innocent and that is just flat out wrong.

    PLUS, it is absolutely none of the school district's concern whether students drink on weekends. Students are under parental control and supervision on weekends, not the school districts. If a student is suspected of drinking on campus, that is one thing, but this is a whole other animal!

    This needs to be taken to court pronto. If we, as citizens, allow this type of intrustion into our civil rights, we will lose them one by one. We will change the course of this nation forever, for our children and their children.

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    Since when did parents sign a waiver to let schools and government be the parents rather than the ones that birthed them?

    Why don't they concentrate on teaching kids things like..oh I don't know...Geography? Since half the kids tested in one test couldn't even find Iraq on a map?

    I'm not saying drinking is cool. I'm not saying that parents shouldn't be parents and stop the drinking...I'm saying it's not the schools place, nor governments place, to do our job for us. If you need that much outside influence to raise your kids maybe YOU (general you of course) need to get some parenting classes, bone up on signs of underage drinking, talk to your kids, get them in treatment or something.

    The ramifications of testing will trickle down and I'm not happy with it. Stop handing over our liberties, or don't complain when you don't have any at all.

    Have I mentioned lately how glad I am we home school and I don't have to deal with this stuff? Except for when it starts horning in my rights to do so of course. And it will, I promise.

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    I think this is an awful idea..
    The school's need to focus on teaching children to read.... Leave the moral lessons at home.

    A urine test?? Hell no. There would be noway in hell my teenager would be tested. They had better have a court order.
    There have to be parents in that school district that are opposed to this.

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    Oh- this IS a very tough one. I would probably be upset if my son were tested, but I drank like a fish when I was in High School and can't help but wonder if these tests would've scared me strait. Obviously the school feels that these kids aren't getting the lessons at home about how dangerous alcohol can be. I agree that it is a very fine line, but someone has to look out for these kids. My mother was an alcoholic and it took me watching her die at the young age of 44 to make drinking down right disgusting to me!

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