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    Doctors remove 93 pound tumor

    This poor woman ! I am sure she must be feeling so much better now. I can't even imagine what she must have been going through.

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    Its technically not a tumor, I have them myself and have had them for many years. If they get too big I am put on bcp for a few months or have them removed if they are larger and not going down. That screams out neglect to me, she would be having pain from this and it could have easily been found through an ultrasound or cat scan. Many dr's are fat phobic and figure fat is the reason for everything under the sun and if you follow your diet it will go away blah blah blah

    Thank goodness someone made sure there was nothing else going on.

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    I want a huge benign tumor removed from me, too! That's the reason I'm fat... really! Umm, really. Uh, yeah.

    Okay, I'll go back to the gym and eat rabbit food. *sigh*
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