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    Warning: very very disturbing. Details of what SHE did as well as the HORRORS of her boyfriend/husband Paul. The damage she has caused can never be erased, no matter how she tries to hide.

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    Apparently it came out recently on the February 2007 Birth Board on BabyCenter that Karla is an active member of the group, posting under the name She Also makes and sells cloth diapers. Someone had tried to out her last year, but nothing came of it. Now she has apparently unfriended all of her friends on the board.

    I had been on that board a bit, as One of the mom's on the birth board that I was on had a preemie born in February. I don't recall her though. Kind of scary to think of her interacting with so many other mothers. I feel sad for her little boy, who is just a month older than my daughter and will be starting kindergarten this year. I imagine his Mother's past will not be kept quiet for long.

    The information contained in the maps below are my interpretation of locations, based on MSM and input from others. They are meant solely as a guide and are not to be taken as fact.

    Possible Victims of Lloyd Lee Welch Jr ~,0.019634

    Elizabeth Collins & Lyric Cook ~

    Holly Bobo ~,0.31414

    Noah Terry Thomas ~

    Relisha Rudd ~

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    Homolka e-book a publishing breakthrough

    Independent journalist Paula Todd knew it was a gamble when she published Finding Karla: How I tracked Down a Serial Child Killer and Discovered a Mother of Three as a $2.99, 46-page e-book, rather than in hard-cover print or as an article for one of Canada’s leading magazines.

    But time was against her.

    “Other reporters were on Homolka’s trail, too, and I had no idea how close they were,” Todd, a former Star reporter, says.

    “I didn’t have the luxury of waiting a year for it to see print as a real book or two or three months for publication in a magazine. And I’d spent a lot of my own money tracking her down. I couldn’t make it back on the kind of money magazines pay.”

    But till recently e-books were unproven in Canada as a viable publication option for breaking news, long-form reportage and non-fiction. Would readers buy a single news story on Kindle or Kobo or iBooks, or would Todd’s scoop, one of the year’s biggest, slip by unnoticed, her work uncompensated?

    Less than two months after its publication, Todd has her answer. Finding Karla holds down the top position on Amazon Kindle’s non-fiction singles bestseller list and No. 5 on Kobo’s e-books list, says her Toronto agent/publisher, Derek Finkle.

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