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    AL - Burnese Merritt Rudolph, 62, Wiregrass, 29 July 2006

    Police have used cadaver dogs and search teams looking for a Wiregrass woman, who has been missing since last summer.

    Now, authorities and her family are turning to you for help.

    if (self['plpm'] && plpm['Mid-Story Ad']) document.write('');if (self['plpm'] && plpm['Mid-Story Ad']){ document.write(plpm['Mid-Story Ad']);} else { if(self['plurp'] && plurp['97']){} else {document.write(''); } }if (self['plpm'] && plpm['Mid-Story Ad']) document.write('');Police say they are still investigating this case, not leaving out any possibilities.

    However, it's been six months, and still no sign of Burnese Merritt Rudolph.

    The last contact made to Rudolph was in her Troy home on July 29th, when she talked to her daughter on the phone.

    What happened after that is the big question.

    Rudolph was reported missing on August 3rd.

    Since then, police have found her car in a wooded area just south of Troy, along with personal items, including a shirt.

    "I believe that she was taken from her home and probably robbed. Something was done to her," says her son, Eric Rudolph.


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    Well that sure doesn't sound good. Finding her car in a woody area with her shirt and belongings in it sounds bad. I hope LE have checked a large area all around her car. If someone murdered her it seems that she would be left somewhere near her car. Her poor kids.

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    AL - Troy, skeletal remains in woods, Dec'07 - Burnese Rudolph

    Skeletal Remains Found in Troy

    Posted: Dec 12, 2007 04:10 PM

    Updated: Dec 12, 2007 04:36 PM

    WSFA 12 News is following a developing story out of Pike County.

    Debra Pearson of the Troy Police Department is confirming the discovery of skeletal remains in a heavily wooded area in the Pocosain community.

    Department spokesman Sgt. Benny Scarbrough says some personal items were found with the body thought is it not known at this time what those items are.

    The remains were found by a hunter around noon Wednesday.


    I'm reeeeeeally hoping this could be Lori Slesinski of Auburn...not holding my breath....but she was from the Troy area, although she went missing from Auburn in 2006 and her car was found burning a day or so later.
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    Keep us posted englishleigh!!

    This could bring some closure to Lori's family, unfortunately so close to the X-Mas holidays.

    Are there any other missing people near by the area, where the remains were found??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Littledeer View Post
    Keep us posted englishleigh!!

    This could bring some closure to Lori's family, unfortunately so close to the X-Mas holidays.

    Are there any other missing people near by the area, where the remains were found??
    Here is one lady...it could possibly be her. I don't know if she has been found before now.

    Burnese Rudolph -
    Troy, Alabama - 62-year-old Burnese Rudolph is a diabetic with high blood pressure and uses a cane. She was last heard from July 29th, 2006. Troy police are doing everything possible to find Ms. Rudolph. If you have any information on her whereabouts, call Troy Police at 566-0500. - click here for more info....

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    Found Deceased Dec. 2007

    Son Speaks Out For First Time Since Remains Found In Pike County

    7 miles south of Troy in the woods on private property, the yellow tape still marks the area where Eric Rudolph says his mother's remains were found Wednesday afternoon.


    It's not the Christmas the family had hoped or prayed for but Eric Rudolph says at least they have closure.

    Burnese Rudolph was 62.

    Investigators say one reason search teams had trouble locating Rudolph's remains is because she disappeared in the middle of summer and woods were thick with growth.

    More: http://www.wsfa.com/Global/story.asp...8&nav=0RdEWF0f

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    The family reported Ms. Rudolph missing in July of 2006. A month later investigators found her car. Little did they know her body was just a quarter of a mile away. It was then Eric Rudolph had given up hope his mom would be found alive. In fact, he thought foul play may have been involved even though Burnese Rudolph had dementia and diabetes.




    Remains found near the spot where Burnese Rudolph's car was abandoned.

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