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    Tornado hits New Orleans

    I heard on the TV a lot of the FEMA trailers were thrown up into the air. Those poor people. If it isn't one thing, it's another.

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    That is so sad.

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    very sad

    Why does it seem Tornados strike where trailer parks are?
    Very weird.
    Does New Orleans normally have tornados?
    This weather is something else.
    Rest in Peace to my best buddy and baby, Buster ~ He crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Jan. 3, 2011. I miss you, Buster and love you with all my being.

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    This has some pictures and an update. One family had just moved back into their house that was destroyed in Katrina and now this one is destroyed.

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    i don't think tornadoes just happen to be attracted to trailer parks... although it sure does seem that way, doesn't it?

    it's just that when tornados do hit an area, they are going to destroy the trailers before anything else. also it does seem that areas more prone to tornadoes (the south) are also more impoverished, and subsequently, you are more likely to have more trailer parks there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by michelle
    That is so sad.

    It is so sad.My heart goes out to these people.trailers are easy prey as they are not as secure as a house.In my area on must have tie downs for the Insurance to be in effect,still they are prone.After reading of the tornadoes I realized even with 17" of snow on the ground we here in NorthEast Ohio are not so bad off.
    Michelle~prayers for your brother Sweetie.We had a Marine come home last Fall~thank God he is able to walk again.~Humvee explosion..Prayers going out.
    My Buffy. He lives in Heaven now
    with my loved ones..xoxox

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