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    Salt Lake City Mall Killings

    Wow. Five killed, 2 critical, 2 serious, 2 others in hospital. The assassin was only 18.

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    Sad. Why do people feel the need to take the lives of innocent people??? Geez, these people were just going about their own business, doing some shopping, and some idiot decides he's going to bring other people into his own hell. Senseless.

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    There is a thread on this topic in "Crimes in the News":

    Just for general practical purposes ---

    I've found a good rule of thumb before creating new threads in the Up to the Minute forum, is to ask myself (even though it is "up to the minute" type news), "Does it involve crime?". IF it involves crime, it is best to start the thread in the "Crimes in the News" forum.

    Otherwise, I think it causes our dear, hard-working mods a bit of extra work, in moving threads to the proper forum.

    I hope I don't get into trouble for this post. Just trying to share what works for me --- just trying to help. Really!


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