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    GA - Jeremy Thomas, 22, Macon, 16 Feb 2007

    A team of nearly 50 people searching Tobesofkee Creek this afternoon recovered items belonging to a missing 22-year-old Macon man.

    Rescuers retrieved some personal items from an abandoned boat about 700 yards from Ga. 247, said Lt. George Meadows, Bibb County sheriff's spokesman.

    Family members confirmed the items belonged to Jeremy Thomas, Meadows said.

    Thomas was reported missing at 2:20 p.m. Sunday after he was last seen Saturday at about 3:30 p.m.

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    It doesn't sound like the boat tipped over if his belongings were found inside the boat. I wonder if he was reaching for something and flipped out of the boat? If there is junk in the water he may have gotten trapped under something and because of the cold was unable to get un-tangled. That is all I can come up with.

    Doesn't sound like there was any reason that he would want to just disappear. Hopfully he will be found and is still alive. His poor parents and girlfriend.

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    More info


    Jeremy Thomas was last seen when he left on a fishing trip on the evening of February 15th 2007 on Tobesofkee creek in Macon Georgia. He had a friend with him.

    He spoke with his fiancÚ on Friday the 16th at 8:00am. He said they were about to put the boat back in the water. This was the last time anybody other than the friend spoke with him.

    The friend returned on Saturday evening. He told the family several different stories, but told the police that he was cold tired and wanted to come home. He said Jeremy chose to stay longer.

    The little John boat they had was found on Sunday evening with most of Jeremy's belongings inside of it.

    The friend said that the chip to the cell phone had fallen in the water. The area is a swampy area.

    It was searched by both police and family and friends. Nothing else has been found to date.

    The friend says that he came out at the intersection of Hwy 247, Pionono Avenue, Broadway and Houston Avenue between three and five o'clock on Saturday February 17th with wet clothes.

    His girlfriend just happened to ride by and picked him up. He says that Jeremy chose to stay in the creek.

    ETA: If this "friend's" story doesn't sound "fishy," I don't know what does!



    Officials Monday night called off the search along Tobesofkee Creek for 22-year-old Jeremy Thomas, who's been missing since Sunday.


    They said foul play is not suspected.


    According to EMA Director Johnny Wingers, Thomas requested to stay fishing alone Saturday after his friend wanted to come home early.

    Wingers said it took a while to sort out all the facts surrounding Thomas and his boat.

    "There was some confusion about how he came back to the edge and then went back out to the boat, and turned up missing.

    more at link

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    Jeremy Thomas
    Missing since February 16,2007
    Lost/Injured Missing
    Date of birth: March 6,1984
    Age: 22 years old
    6'0 and 235 pounds

    Caucasian male. Brown hair, brown eyes. Thomas has multiple tatoos on his right hand and both arms, including a lady sitting on a moon on his upper right arm, the name "Logan" under praying hands on the back of his shoulder, a scorpion and a skull with a pistol on his left arm and phrase "pay me" on his right hand, and other tatoos.

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    Any news on this one?

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    up north

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    Bumping. No news as yet. Praying for needed answers.

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